F_JT027D: Pipe Integrate encountered consecutive rows

Problem Summary: F_JT027D: Pipe Integrate encountered consecutive rows from location 'snwc' which are not ordered by \[hvr_tx_seq, hvr_tx_countdown (reverse)\]. Values \[hvr_tx_seq hvr_tx_countdown\] of previous row were \['01121C6B00275B40' 1\]. Values \[hvr_tx_seq hvr_tx_countdown\] of current row are \['01121C6B00275B40' 1\].

HVR version: HUB version 5.6, Agent version 5.5.0 and 5.6. This has been encountered before on SQL Server source and Target


This error is basically trying to say that HVR integrate encountered 2 rows in the router file with the same HVR sequence number and countdown number even if that is not the actual case. In this example the error sequence number is 01121C6B00275B40 and the countdown number is 1.

The possible reason for this error is because the channel contains /Softdelete and /TimeKey for the same table or location. /Softdelete parameter converts deletes to updates and /Timekey converts all the operations to inserts.


If you are using /Timekey then this action already keeps the row that is deleted on the source in the target table so you do not need a separate /Softdelete action.