How to delete a table from existing channel

Problem Summary

How to remove a table from an existing channel?


In the following example, a channel is currently replicating about seven tables, but one of those tables no longer needs to be replicated. The following will show the steps to remove the 'orders' table from channel chn2.


  1. SUSPEND the capture job because we do not want any more transaction files coming in that contain changes for the table 'orders' that we want to delete.
  2. Let Integrate Job consume the existing transaction files. This step will make sure that there are no more transaction files sitting for changes on this table.
  3. Expand table explorer and right-click on the table orders and select Delete. 

  4. Confirm that you want to delete the table

5. Remove this table from the table enrollment file by performing initialize only for the Table enrollment option. This will make sure the table is not enrolled anymore and the changes for this table will not be picked up by capture

  • Right-click on the channel chn1 and select 'HVR Initialize'

  • In the next pop up window select only the source location

  • Then select tab Advanced Options. In this keep box checked only for Table Enrollment option as shown in the image and all the tables should be selected.

6. Click the Initialize button. This will initialize the remaining tables and remove orders from the enrollment file.

7. Start the Capture job.